Gambling Addiction

If you continue to engage and have an urge to gamble, despite consequences, then you may need some professional help. At addiction healing coach we understand that many people don’t have the life skills necessary to manage these urges. We help clients learn new life skills to put in place of these unhealthy emotions and behaviors. In addition we teach you new healthy habits. Whether this is an old problem or new, addiction healing coach can help you develop skills to begin that road to recovery.

Self Assessment

  1. Do you have frequent thoughts about gambling experiences throughout your day?
  2.  Have you raised your stakes throughout the time you have been gambling?
  3.  Are you irritable or have withdrawals when you think about stopping gambling?
  4.  Do you use gambling as a way to deal with unwanted emotions like stress, anxiety, depression, worry?
  5.  Do you continue gambling to win back previous losses?
  6.  Do you try to hide  or lie to your friends or family about your gambling?
  7.  Have you attempted to stop or reduce your gambling but you couldn’t?
  8.  Have you ever broken the law to get gambling money?
  9.  Do you continue to gamble despite the potential to damage a relationship with a friend or family member?
  10. Have you ever turned to friends or family to give you money for a gambling?

If you answer yes to two or more of these you may have a gambling addiction.

Contact the Addiction Healing Coach for professional help with problem gambling. 

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